Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Conversation with... Myself

The wrapping?

Yes, it's done.
No, stocking stuffers do NOT count.

The tree?

It's up.
What do you mean is it decorated?
Well, the star is on it.
Of course that counts.

The Halloween flag?

Yes... the Halloween flag is down. I should find the flagpole any day now.
I bought a new one - What else could that mean?
And... and!!! I made a wreath tonight. No really. I did. And tomorrow I shall post a picture.
And yes, the garland and lights are on the porch.

The inside decorations?

Not so much.
But tomorrow. Really. Tomorrow is another day.

The shopping?

I think I'm done.
I AM NOT kidding.
I repeat NOT. KIDDING.
Stop laughing right now.
Of course... I need to make sure I have enough to fill the stockings.
But really, I should.


That really isn't fair.
No, I have NOT started food shopping.
Plenty of time.
PLENTY. I tell ya.

And last but not least...
Teacher gifts?


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