Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Crying My Way Into The Holidays

Something is seriously wrong with me. Really.

I cry at the drop of a hanky these last few weeks. No, I'm not sad. Not sinking into the depression again. But seriously I cry at EVERYTHING.

Last night may have taken the big, dripping tissue (ew, no, not dripping with snot - dripping with tears). I was watching My Name Is Earl. What can I say, I love me some Jason Lee even with the hairy, scary mustache. And it MADE. ME. CRY. I'm truly pathetic. When the kids were dancing Christmas morning? I was crying.

Now you're wondering if I'm a big crier. And I'd have to say, not really so much. Yes, when I get really emotional I cry. Really angry - cry. Really hurt - cry. Really sad - not so much crying. Really emotionally touched - cry. These last years though the crying has only appeared in the most severe of situations. But these last few weeks? Making up for lost time apparently.

Take yesterday for example:

10:30-ish: Funny Chrismukkah song - cried. (WTF?)
12:30-ish: Christmas song - cried.
2:30-ish: Yet another Christmas song - cried.
5:30-ish: News story of how 7 year old girl saved father's life - cried.
9:50-ish: Kids dance in joy in Earl - cried.
10-11-ish: Cried repeatedly during Boston Legal as young boy was abducted and I was so worried a fictional boy might be sexually abused and/or killed. Then the fictional boy was rescued and I cried again. Although? Laughed harder than I have in recent memory when pretty-boy lawyer (Brad Chase/Mark Valley) chopped off a priest's fingers. Okay, it doesn't really sound funny but trust me - hysterical.

So what is the deal? I'm spending much time and energy trying not to cry and I have better ways to spend my energy. Have I mentioned I have not even gotten out a single box of decorations? Not one. So I really need to redirect all that energy. Any suggestions?

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