Friday, December 16, 2005

The Bad Wife Steps Aside

Yes, usually I am a bad wife. I like doing the laundry. But the cleaning? Not so much.

Really. I hate it.

But these last few days while I've been quiet here? I've been CLEANING. For real. Actual scrubbing and sweeping and using all my lovely Swiffer products I've touted so much. Except my favorite Carpet flick because we are talking vacuum type cleaning people.

We are even talking using the extended handle duster to get the cobwebs on the ceiling. Yes, that kind of cleaning.

So there is still no tree in the house. BUT! I did spend 2 hours polishing our dingy menorah. Yes, I said it... TWO! HOURS!

What about the gifts you ask? Mostly bought. And the newsletters? Sent.

But the most impressive (read: obsessive) thing I've done? Dug out our 'office' room - also known as 'the dumping ground'. Now I'll admit it isn't perfect but the floor and the desk tops and the table tops? They are visible and clean and I can FIND THINGS.

One last thing for today...
I'm worried for my life. The oldest boy is having his 11th birthday party today. There will be three of them going to a movie and sleeping over. That means by dinnertime there will be SEVEN boys at my dinner table. One with a terrible attitude. He is NOT a TEENAGER yet. Stop with the attitude!

Oh, and my Halloween flag is still up. I can not find the damn flagpole and I just don't think using the broom will work as well for the holidays as it did for the Halloween witch flag. Shut up! I will not take down the one and have no flag up until I find the pole. I'm not climbing up there more than once. And now? Lots of ice and snow. So it is too cold and dangerous. Leave me alone. At least my bathroom sparkles.

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