Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Soundtrack of My Life

I've been listening to an old tape from my younger days. Brings me back to the strength I felt back then. The possibilities. The opportunities. The whole 'plenty of time' to do what I want, achieve what I want, time. The 'I can conquer the world' or at least 'achieve anything I set my mind to' time in life.

It scares me that that time is gone. I don't feel that way anymore. But the tape helps me get through my days and gives me a bit of that feeling. And if I don't analyze it? I can keep that feeling for a while. I'm more productive, more upbeat and more in tune with my life. Ah, the powers of music.

Well, that whole tape thing was wearing on my nerves. It was copied from an album. Yes, an ALBUM. I am that old. The sound quality was horrendous. I have no ear for these things and the sound quality was so bad that I had to upgrade. Yes, that bad.

So I looked for the CD. Does no one sell this CD anymore? I mean in real stores because I really didn't want to have to order and wait for it to come. At the time it seemed too important to wait on. Too vital to my mental well-being to have to wait. So I performed my first download. YAY me!

I won't get into my complete lack of understanding of the whole licensing thing. I just don't get how the technology works. But I have the music on my computer. On a CD and on my MP3 player so I'm set.

The thing is... I SWEAR TO GOD that I used to listen to this in high school. More specifically Junior/Senior years. The thing is? According to the info? The original album was released in 1989.

89!!! I was in college in 89. I was not hanging out with the same people in 89 as I was in 87-88. The one person I credited with introducing me to most of the music I still love from back then? The person who's memory I link to this album was not in my life any longer when it was released.


This means that my memory is so unreliable that I can no longer believe ANYTHING it tells me. Maybe it's better that my phenomenal memory of yesterday has been replaced with a giant colander. You know the one - the one with the BIG holes. The one the pasta slides through.

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