Thursday, January 19, 2006

Random Thoughts...

  • I'm so glad my family has good, solid teeth. The 2 littles had dentist appointments this a.m. and all was well. Now except for the fact that their teeth tend toward the HUGE side and their mouths toward the little side - they have beautiful smiles. So no huge dental bills but the orthodontics just might kill us.

  • I'm very excited as Zach read most of Biscuit and the Baby while we waited at the dentist. I love watching the kids as they begin reading on their own. It amazes me how they go from letters to sounds to whole words. I love watching as they search the illustrations for clues and am amazed at what they can guess from having being read to so often. I'm also glad I don't have to do anything that difficult as an adult. I'm not sure I would figure it out like I did as a child.

  • I'm ticked off that I can not finish our taxes because we are still missing some of the statements required for this endeavor. It is JANUARY 19th people. Send them out already!

  • I was not impressed with LOST last night. Jack is seriously getting on my nerves. Why doesn't he leave Michael alone already? Why must he boss everyone around? And who was Sarah's mystery person she was seeing? Oh, and what is the deal with Sawyer not actually being his name? And how did he know Zeke's name? What the hell is going on there?

  • Another white patchy throat is present in my house. Yuck! And why did the doctor's office bother to do a rapid strep if they have been geeting so many false negatives? And why would they tell me to send the child to school today? Are they looking for more business?

  • Now for a totally petty and non-pretty look at my psyche... I met 2 people over the weekend at the gymnastics meet with kick-ass cameras. Neither really knew what they were doing (they both admitted it). The one with the nicest camera (Nikon D70) bought it from a good friend for $400. FOUR. HUNDRED. DOLLARS. (His friend is a professional photographer.) The other person sent me a link to her photos done with a Canon Rebel and a kick ass lens. They were very good technically. Oh, what I could do with one of those cameras. My camera sucks monkey ass in poor lighting situations such as gymnastic studios. (What is with the lighting in these places?) Now here is where my ugly petty side comes in... I was actually jealous and a bit angry that so many people with no photography aspirations/experience have such better equiptment than I. I know I need a better camera to really make it in this business and I can't afford it... so petty, petty, ugly, ugly from MoMMY. And no, I'm not proud of it. I usually don't feel this way and I don't like it one bit. But still? I'm ticked. Wah, wah, life is so unfair, blah, blah, blah. Just shoot me now.

  • The sun! The sun has arrived. I must go bask in it. (Even if it is oh, so very cold. For me. Not for the general population. Ok, it's about 35 degrees out. Still seems cold to me. Remind me of this when it is 10 below next month.)

  • I have realized I will never finish the 7's meme. I'm just not good at these types of things. I either can't narrow it down or can't think of 7 things. So? No 7's meme from me. And really... who cares?

  • The above statement also applies to this list of random thoughts. Who really cares?


Carroll said...

Thanks, MoMMY! (You know what for :) I remember reading your blog a bit a long time ago, and liking it, but I was new to the blog world then and more inclined to get lost from all the wandering. Clearly I have some catching up to do! I'll definitely be back to poke around a bit :-)

Ditsy Chick said...

Wow, you have been busy. Buy the camera and take it off your taxes as a business related expense! Camera envy is okay, especially, when you are talented.

Memes - I stink at them as well, my mind just does not work that way...when I pick the subject, I am fine, when someone else does, nothing.

Love watching my kids learn to read a write as well. It is a miracle to see.

RitaPita said...

We care of course.

MoMMY said...

Carroll - Welcome back!

Ditsy Chick - If I only could! The dream of a new camera will have to wait though.

RitaPita - Awww. Thank you.

Tami said...

I care - I care!

Camera envy . . . love it!

wordgirl said...

It's normal to want what someone else has, especially when you know how to utilize it better than the bozo who has it.

We care! Plus...My ass has to lose about 10 pounds of butter before I'll be happy. You're one up on me.