Friday, January 20, 2006

Weight-loss Story #1

I have this thing when I try to lose weight where I visualize one pound as a box of butter. Yes, you know, 4 sticks of butter. Because when you realize you lost one pound it's... well, it's depressing because there are just so many more to go. The number one seems so very small. But when you picture an actual box of butter? Seems like an accomplishment. And we all know that without a feeling of accomplishment you will never lose another pound.

So you ask... where is this going?

Well, about two days into my weight loss odyssey I had lost one lonely pound. I didn't mention it to anyone because let's face it - it's ONE pound. But that night Jeff reached over and felt my ass. Yes, really. We do have 4 children you know.

Anyway, he actually said to me, "Your butt feels smaller." At which point I laughed until I cried into my pillow.

Then managed to choke out around the pillowcase, "I've lost one pound. I seriously doubt my ass is any smaller."

To which he replied, "But seriously, it does feel smaller."

So now we know, that one pound? Was basically a box of butter slapped onto my ass.


Mark said...

I wait until I've lost 5 pounds and imagine removing a bag of sugar that was tied to my waist.

But you're right - it's tough when the weight comes off pound by pound. It didn't get on me one pound at a time, I know that!

Sarcomical said...

my husband has done the EXACT same thing before!

...why do i want something with butter on it now? too much butter talk. ;)

Tami said...

Heidi, I think you owe me a new keyboard! LOL

Thank you for the visual. Now I don't feel so bad for only having lost two pounds since January 3rd.

The Queen Mama said...

Hey, I managed to lose a pound over the last two weeks. Maybe I need to ask Hubby to feel around and see where I feel smaller.

No, wait...that's how we got the three we have. Maybe I'll just take some measurements instead.

I once read that 5 pounds of fat is about the size of a 2-liter bottle. I've never looked at soft drinks quite the same way since then.

Congrats on the weight drop!

Ditsy Chick said...

A pound is great, much better than gaining or eating a stick of butter. Sure, it could all come from you ass....My hubs tells me my boobs are smaller, I would rather hear about my ass.

Have you ever seen 5 pounds of lard in the store? It's huge and gross.

Heather said...

You know it sounds SOO much more exciting when you visualize it for me like that. I've always said, ahh... it's only five pounds. Now I'm thinking... FIVE BOXES of butter!! EWW!!