Friday, March 10, 2006

Craptastic Week Update

Let's see...

My dad is eating and drinking. And so am I. Drinking that is.

The temp agency I applied to called back. Our conversation went something like this:

temp woman: I'm calling you back. Do you know what we do here at Office Asses Temp agency?
me: Thank you for returning my call. Yes, I know what you do.
temp woman: How did you hear about us?
me: I researched you on the internet.
temp woman I'm beginning to dislike: I see. I have your resume here in front of me. I don't see that you've been an administrative assistant in the last 6 months.
me: Well, no. My last position in that capacity was right after college.
temp woman I'm starting to hate: Yes well, here at Office Asses Temp Agency we insist all our temps have held an administrative assistant position in the past 6 months. So I don't think we are the place for you. You may want to try getting a job first. Then in 6 months or so you can try us again.

WTF??? Someone please tell me when answering phones and using a computer became brain surgery? I know admin. assistants are vital to all offices. I know they do more than answer phones. But these are TEMPORARY positions. I've worked for a temp agency. You go in for a day or a 1/2 day answer phones, do a bit of filing, maybe sent a letter and go home. I did have a long term position at one point. They trained me for the specific work and wanted to hire me permanently but I ended up moving. Someone tell me things have changed so dramatically in the past 18 years that is simply not possible for me to do this job. I've kept up on my computer skills. I am fairly proficient to very proficient on all of the Microsoft Office Suite. I pick things up quickly. I can answer a phone, send a fax, make copies and file. I do my own taxes for crying out loud! But they can't even consider me because I haven't held a paying admin. assist. position in 18 years?

And I thought this was the way to get a job. If I had one/got one, why would I need them?

Oh, and I still haven't heard from my local grocery store.

I'm so glad I went to college. It taught me how to drink copious amounts of alcohol without puking. At least that is a skill I can use right now.


Tami said...

Hey Heidi, I'm tipping my glass to you.

That conversation makes no sense to me at all. She could have been nicer about it. Or at least posted the RULES on her website.

Is that all they do? Admin positions? No data entry? No security guards? No housekeeping.

Okay, skip the housekeeping. We get enough of that at home.What on earth was I thinking?

Chaotic Mom said...

I am so sorry. I thought I misread something in the beginning of your post, "Office Asses Temp Agency". NOW that I've read your post I get it.

Know about drinking? Ever consider bartending? I'm thinking about going back to work, too. Dreading it, after what you've been experincing...

Heather said...

Yes, it does seem a little bass ackwards to require that kind of experience when applying for a temp agency. Isn't that where you go to get the experience?

MoMMY said...

Tami- LOVE your book cover pic! Now I'm going to have to pull out your book and reread it to the kids!

And yes, I'm not sure why this rule was not posted on their website (but it wasn't).

Momma M- Unfortunately I know a bit about drinking but not a whole lot about making drinks. That and I'd like to work during the day so I can still see my kids and ferry them to all their activities. Unless of course you know a bar where I could just pour beer during school hours? Maybe I should open a mommy bar.

Heather- That is exactly what I thought!