Friday, March 10, 2006

Let's Not Forget The Good

Before I go to clean the kitchen and do the laundry and start yet another set of phone calls, I thought I'd leave you with some good...

Dylan (7) lost a tooth a couple of weeks ago. One of the top front ones. Yes, my children hang on to their baby teeth like most people hang on to their limbs. Anyway, this weekend he was at a friend's and they were playing on a trampoline out in the snow. According to Dylan they were practicing their ninja moves when his friend kicked out his other front top tooth. He said he only cried a little. His friend's mom called me and told me. She told me she asked him if she should call me and he said no. They never found the tooth in the snow. BUT! The tooth fairy came anyway. And, AND! left extra money for the amount of blood and trauma that accompanied the loss. (a fat lip and large scrap/bruise on his chin) One of the best parts? He never even considered being mad at his friend. For kicking him in the mouth. Hard enough to dislodge a very slightly loose tooth. Got to love that kid. The other best thing? He now has a slight lisp and can't bite a bagel to save his life. It is so very cute and endearing.

(and yes, he was dressed as a cowboy yesterday and those are the remnants of the bruise on his chin)

I still have snuggle time every morning with Zach (5). He's the only one that still fits on my lap. He climbs on and hugs and kisses me and tells me he loves me "more than I can imagine." Makes me cry a little.

It is 50 degrees out today.

It is light in the morning when the two oldest get on the bus. Which means... when they missed the bus this morning? They were able to walk to school!

The huge hug I got from Dylan this morning when I started crying. He just opened his arms and beckoned me to him when he saw me.

I know there is more. I just really must go now. Maybe I'll add some later.

**ADDED: I've lost 13 pounds. Wahooo!


GosMMY said...

Isn't life a circle of love....some days are good, some days are bad, but always see the glass as half-full.There is always a rainbow after the rain........xoxo

Tami said...

You lost 13 pounds?? Heidi! That's just wonderful news!

I think it found me . . .

Undercover Angel said...

One time when one of my son's lost a tooth the tooth fairy took her wallet into his bedroom. She knew she had a $5 in there, and it was his first lost tooth so she was going to give him that. It was dark in his room, but she was sure the $5 was at the front of the bills. The next morning when Mommy asked him if the tooth fairy came, he lifted his pillow and there sat a $20 bill. I was just about to reach for it when he grabbed it, and yelled "The tooth fairy left me $20 bucks!"

For that amount of money, the tooth fairy should be allowed to knock out the rest of his teeth! Just kidding. But I couldn't believe it when I realized she'd given him a $20.

Congratulations on the 13 pounds!I've only lost 3.