Friday, March 10, 2006

Is It Over Yet?

Can we all say Crappy Week? Because really? It has been. And I haven't made it any better. In fact, I've been raining down my miserableness (is so a word - don't fight me on this - I may just cry) on my family and that is just not fair. I'm going to try to be better. Really.

And why you ask, was it such a crappy week?

Let me tell you...

Wait, you don't really want to know? Then move along now. Right now.

Hello? Anyone out there? No? Okay, I shall start my rant or rather trail of crappiness.

Last week:
I have been forming a plan to get out us of debt. I have even enjoyed playing with the numbers. In fact, the enjoyment has caused me to consider going back to school for accounting. No. Really. I'm totally NOT kidding. But of course, this costs money. But ok, it may work and it may take like 3 years to get a certificate but I've got nothing but time right? Right. So it is all good.

This week:
Not only will the classes cost much money but when I looked at some of the books required? I found that the books for each class will cost approximately the same as our house or maybe just the same as the class. Either way? Way too much. Finding my plan weakening. But the week has not completely turned to shit yet. Things may work somehow.

I got a rejection on my poster design. I pretty much thought that might happen but I was holding out hope. Because, if my design was chosen then I wouldn't have to pay for a booth at the festival. And now? Now my application for the festival is still sitting in their files and I have no way to pay for the booth or the materials to put IN the booth to sell. Not good.

The same day:
Quickest rejection ever! I subbed the first 10 pages of my mid-grade novel to an agent that I spent 1/2 a day researching and she rejected me within 29 minutes. LESS THAN A 1/2 HOUR. Now yes, I love the speed. Good to not have to wait for an answer and all but I had spent about 3 hours researching her. Somehow the time equation seems off. Or not. But still - upsetting.

On that very same Wednesday:
My mom calls. My dad (not the same one who fixed my exposed pipes - in this family the kids have more grandparents than most kids have relatives) - this is my biological dad - thinks he's had a stroke and is refusing to call 911. He lives 6 hours away. He called my brother to tell him about the stroke. He refused to call 911. So? My brother called my mom who called me. I finally order my dad to call an ambulance. I then spend the rest of the day calling people and waiting to hear what is going on. What do I manage to learn? I now know what hospital he is in. Before I go to bed I find out he is being admitted. I am not allowed to speak to him and they refuse to tell me anything other than he is a patient.

More phone calls. A hair appointment. I am now one of those annoying people on my cell phone in public. Explain to my friend (who is my hairdresser) why I must answer my phone if it rings. Luckily, she doesn't seem to mind. Calls to schedule interviews with a temp agency and a career counselor at my alma mater. They do not return my calls. They must think I am hopeless.

Finally get a hold of my father. Get the nurses to allow me to his contact person, health care proxy and he signs papers so they can tell me what the hell is going on. He has had a minor stroke. He is not being allowed to eat or drink. He is not happy about this at all. They are waiting to do another test. He can't be released until it's done. If he doesn't pass the test? According to dad, this is not an option. No one really tells me what will happen. I'm thinking feeding tube. They will be sending him home the next day - maybe. Maybe not. They will not comment any further.

Friday - today -Yippee!:
Completely freak out on my husband for no good reason. Burst into tears sporadically. Find out my brother went to see my dad last night. He needs more tests. It looks like he will be going to rehab when they are finished. I am relieved he will not be sent home as he lives alone. My brother is heading to London on Monday for work so he will not be able to be a presence during this ordeal.

Decide going back to bed would be a wonderful way to spend the day. Realize I can't because the house and laundry have gotten away from me yet again and if I don't do it now and have to leave to be with my dad or actually get a job I will not have time to do it all.

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cursingmama said...

Not that you're oozing time to do this - but did you check to see if there were any grants availalbe to pay for some tuition? If you're really interested in doing something like this you should call the school and talk to them about $ - they have ways to help that the regular citizen knows nothing about.. good luck with everything & hope your dad is doing better today.