Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Where I Reveal To The Internet Yet Another Reason I'm A FREAK

I was driving home today and needed to stop at my mom's. I missed her road - not the freak part yet - and realized it just a bit down the road. I was at a perfect place to turn around. No oncoming traffic, empty parking lot, 2 entrances and/or exits. So I pulled into the far entrance and drove around out the other side.

So why am I a freak?

No, I did not turn around and go back home. That would not make me a freak, just a little absentminded.

The freak part was that the parking lot I turned around in was for a funeral home and all I could think of was that I crossed some imaginary line and just doomed someone close to me to death. FREAK. Didn't I tell you? I kept feeling all superstitious. But I've never heard of any superstition saying not to enter PARKING LOTS. FREAK! Also? My second thought was, I need to go home and tell the whole internet what a freak I am.

All together now... MoMMY is a FREAK!


HolyMama! said...

at least you didn't do 'donuts' in their parking lot. wonder what would have happened then...?

GosMMY said...

premonition--not freak?????
too many people on the edge in our family.

DeAnn said...

That does not make you a freak. You gave me chills. Creepy!