Friday, March 17, 2006

Still a FREAK

So I wrote about what a freak I am the other day and now I was just musing about my new diligence (read:obsession) with our finances and getting out of debt and the budget I made that I'm actually checking with almost every freakin' day. It was at this point that I realized, the parking lot thing is just the crunchy coating on the outside of the freak.

Oh, the many ways in which I am a freak. No, I shall not list them. Not right now at least. But the financial thing is getting a lot of play around here. I'm determined to get us into a good place financially and much like weight loss (which we will NOT be discussing right now *cough* whole bag of Robins Eggs in one day *cough*) it is one of those things that seems so overwhelming and so unattainable that in the past I have just given up. But like weight loss, if you don't start doing something about it, it will never be better and even if it takes a gazillion years, you MUST START. So this year we started.

Unlike the past where I made a budget and went over it in tears and promptly threw it away, this year I have coddled it. I have adjusted it. I have petted it's little figures and plumped and diminished its categories to streamline it. It is approaching a thing of beauty.

My poor husband has been badgered for receipts and questioned about cash. And cried at, yes cried at, because I could not pin down exactly how much of the cash he spent on gas and why did he not deposit the expense check for $24.31 so I could track it. And how will our budget ever recover? Have I mentioned I. AM. A. FREAK? That I'm a bit OBSESSIVE?

Yes? Well, see. I was not exaggerating.

I have also learned from this that I have until July to start getting another paycheck. That means all those people not giving me jobs? Are making me weep. But, it also makes me feel better to know that I have a little, very little, bit of time to acquire this new job. So people looking to hire someone? MAKE IT ME. This job hunting/applying thing is taking up SO MUCH FREAKIN TIME! And my house? Looks like a tornado went through. This tornado also seems to have made the bathrooms disgustingly dirty. Wait, where was I? Ah yes, the job search... making me more depressed by the day. No wait, not where I was planning on going with this...

Let's see, I will try, the obsessed freak that I am really thinks accounting is the way for me to go career wise. Of course, since I've known my husband I have thought I had found my calling about eleventy billion times. Or maybe it was just five or six. But still, I've only known him for 12 years. I average a new career path every 2 years. The man is a saint for putting up with me.

Okay, this whole post has degenerated into a unfollowable (It is a word now.) stream of conscience thing. I will go.

But first! Does anyone want to share (in comments or on your own blog) what makes them a freak? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Someone help a freak out here. Make me feel a little better about my freakish self.

And last, I would just like to add that I did NOT puke from all the robins eggs. Although? I wish I did. They made me very sick. But not sick enough to not eat the last two the next day. And please, for the love of all that is good and eggish - do not forget my warning about pseudo-robins eggs.


Amanda said...

I am a freak because I cannot randomly clean my house. I go from one end to the other, room by room. I pick up, dust(ha), vacuum, then on to the next room. I also cannot simultaneously wash clothes while I am cleaning the house. These tasks are to be done individually. On the other hand I, as well, MAY eat a whole bag of something bad while the house is being cleaned or laundry being done.

cursingmama said...

Did I tell you about the bridge expansion joint thing yesterday? Did you read about the many ways in which I haven't grown up? Did you hear about the time a little voice in my head was screaming "put down the tweazers" so loud the neighbors came to see what was going on?
Freakish? Could be......

Rachel said...

You described your freakish obsession on tracking every penny spent - I'm with you there! I hate it when my husband takes cash out with no accoutablilty for it. We budgeted a certain amount of spending money for each of us each month, so what's with taking cash out in addition to that! And I hear myself say that and think, man, what a controlling b*tch I am, but there's only so much money for groceries and things like that!!! Anyway, I'm with you! :)

Amanda Sue said...

i take clothes off of people just to do laundry. as in:

"can you give me those jeans and just wear boxers for the rest of the day? so i can do this load of jeans? cause i don't wanna wait till tonight. and i certainly don't want one pair of jeans in the 'jeans basket' one hour after i finished all the laundry! mmmkay?"

yeah, i am a freak too.

TxSkatemom said...

i cannot eat m&ms or skittles or smarties or any other colored candy randomly by the handful. I have to sort them by color, then line them up in rows, and first eat the colors that have too many to even them out, then I eat them in order (blue, green, red, orange, etc,) and start from the beginning. It's a sickness.

But one of my customers saw me eating candy like that during a meeting once and she knew right away her data would be perfect! she knew I would "pay attention to details."

Ale8one said...

have you thought about temp agencies? i know at first mention it doesn't sound fabulous, but it's a good way to get your foot in the door of some places and network.

MoMMY said...

Amanda- I have a tendency to clean that way too.

Cursing Mama - You may have noticed my comment on your failure to grow up post. Unfortunately, I am very similar in many ways.

Rachel - Financially controlling bitches unite!

Amanda Sue - I've been known to strip the kids down to fill an almost full load of laundry. Are you saying this isn't normal?

TX Skate Mom - Shit! I do that too. Things are not looking good for me. Except I always eat the brown m&m's first and save the green/blue for last.

al8one - done that. Not working out for me so far. you can read about a lovely experience with a temp agency I had last week or so.

So, looks like I'm still a Queen Freak since I do most of the freaky things you all do. Are we sure none of this is normal? GAH! My family is doomed!