Wednesday, May 10, 2006


There is no news. No shocker there. But, I am going shopping today for clothes. For me. In case I actually land a job sometime this century. I have NO work clothes. And, I have no work SHOES. Yes, shoe shopping. Which sounds like great fun except I have the widest feet on the planet and none of the lovely shoes out there ever fit me. So it is sad and stressful. Not only do I not fit in the clothes I want but I don't even fit in the shoes I want. I may have to get a purse just to make me feel better.

Oh, but the best part? The clothes (at least some of them) will be bought by my mother as a belated birthday gift. So YAY! No money, no job BUT new clothes.

If I can find anything that fits. And doesn't make me look as wide as the side of a barn. Or as lumpy as a loaf of lumpy bread.

I just remembered I hate shopping. GAH!


cursingmama said...

I have a hard time with the clothes (and the shoes) too. It doesn't seem to matter what I find - there is undoubtedly something wrong with it. Not that you're looking for assvice - but I've found some luck using the "tips" on the what not to wear site for my body type (to think more than 1 person was strapped with this body type).
Good luck & have fun!

Rachel said...

Good for you to be able to get new clothes, and to have someone else pay for them is GREAT! :)

I hate clothes shopping too - glad I'm not alone with that.