Thursday, May 4, 2006

The Good and The Bad

The good news is the bathrooms are no longer hazardous. I actually did a little cleaning yesterday.

The bad news is I didn't walk. Well, actually, we did walk to Tyler's chorus concert and back. BUT, walking with 4 kids on the way to an event where you will see people you know and have to sit all packed together in an auditorium? Is not that much of a workout. Besides, I think the stop for ice cream on the way home negated any and all good the walk did. Think there is anyway a 1 mile (round trip) walk can make up for 1 good sized scoop of ice cream? If you were wearing heels? I will say my feet hurt when I got home. Unfortunately, I don't think pain burns calories.

The good news is I'm hoping to walk today. With the dog and no children.

The bad news is there will be no walk to baseball tonight because the game I'm attending is in another town. The drive alone takes 15 minutes. On country roads. I'm thinking it will be over 15 miles. I know I can't walk that far and who has the time?

The good news is I tried a new recipe for dinner that I found on the web yesterday. It went over fairly well. Jeff and I loved it. Most of the kids ate it and it was pretty healthy and easy to make.

The bad news is it was so good I ate 2 servings. (I only had enough points left for 1 - this was BEFORE the ice cream) Oh, and it had cheese in it. Fat, fat, fat. But mmmmm, yummy.

The good news is this boring post is over.

The bad news is I will probably write again tomorrow.


cursingmama said...

Now - I see you writing as good news. Don't beat yourself up over the ice cream or the cheese - dairy is important ;) (and honestly cheese gets a bad rap, it's okay in moderation)
If you're looking for a good resource for easy & healthy meals I love the magazine - Cooking Light - many yummy things all healthed up.
Enjoy today's walk!

Rachel said...

Did you ever play "Fortunately/Unfortunately"? It reminded me of your post. I like reading you posts, so I'm glad you'll be writing again. :)

As for the ice cream negating the walk, uh, yeah...but just think how much worse it would have been if you HADN'T walked! There, I knew I could get a positive spin on that.

Amanda Sue said...

i want the new recipe! i am a sucker for new ideas - please share what you cooked!