Thursday, June 8, 2006

Girls' Weekend

Leaving for Annual Girls' Weekend in less than 24 hours. Still need to:

  1. Do laundry for self.

  2. Iron.

  3. Pack.

  4. Buy Bailey's Irish Creme.

  5. Figure out what I'm going to pack.

This list doesn't include things like:

  1. Feed children many meals.

  2. Clean bathrooms before germs eat children.

  3. SLEEP.

  4. Work.

  5. Invite children to birthday party next weekend.

  6. Start planning party.

  7. Attend baseball games in rain.

  8. etc.



GosMMY said...

WHY would you iron BEFORE you pack?? No travel iron?
Good luck!

MoMMY said...

Travel iron. HA! You are funny. You do realize I just started ironing again (2 weeks ago) after the trauma of you forcing me to iron my JEANS and T-SHIRTS in junior high.

Travel iron. hee.