Tuesday, June 6, 2006

The End Is Near!

Yesterday while taking the shuttle to work the air conditioner kicked on. It sounded like poisonous gas was being released into the air suddenly. And yes, poisonous gas sounds much different than regular gases. Yes, I know the difference. Don't you? Then apparently you don't watch enough TV.

Anyway, I had this sudden urge to shout, "The end is near!" Looking around I thought the other passengers might not find that amusing. So I sat there pondering why our employer would want to kill us since they need us to work. I then had the urge to scream, "The gas, it shall kill us all!" Again, I weighed what the other passengers' responses might be and decided against it. The urge was strong though.

I also realized they were probably not trying to kill us. The gas was most likely to drug us into being perfect workers. This may be why I feel such enormous and unnatural love for my job. It's the poisonous gas they release on the shuttle ride to work.

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cursingmama said...

That or the adult interaction with which you are rewarded a paycheck.
I fondly remember those days when I looked forward to going to work...