Sunday, June 4, 2006

Run Rhymes with Fun - NOT

The amount of bloggers I read that having been running 5k's and 8k's and 10k's and triathlons is starting to frighten me. I kind of thought they were all lounging out at home like I am. I'd be happy to spend very little time in the out of doors. But these people, with all the running... GAH! Making me feel like a slug. And not only do they spend all this time outside - they run while outside.

Have I ever mentioned I don't run?

Bear chasing me? Don't run.

Mad killer wielding a knife? Don't run.

Child with slimy hands while I'm on my way out the door to an adult function? Okay, I walk briskly.

So yes, I'm dead from the bear and the knife wielding killer but no PB&J stains on my clothes.



TxSkatemom said...

don't feel bad. I'm a runner, but I'm SLOW! and still fatter than I should be considering how many miles I put in. And trust me, I'd rather be on the couch!

Carmen said...

Hey, I'm SLOW and FAT too!

I hate running, But I do it anyway.

Tami said...

Funny you should mention this . . . my Walk Yourself Thin book just came in today. This was the book that had me looking my best about 14 years ago . . . I reverted back to the "old me" about 3 years ago and figured it was time to get motivated once again.

Run? Nope, no way.

Walk? Perhaps . . . maybe

cursingmama said...

So not a runner - don't even have visions of wanting to become or wishing I was a "runner". I will only run when chased - and then not so far.