Sunday, July 16, 2006

Where I Write of Which I Know Nothing

Look! Another post from me! In less than a week! It's a blogging miracle. Or just the fact that the husband is away with the 2 older children for a couple of days and I'm slacking off on my mom/wifely duties. Whatever.

So what great thrilling creative funny interesting thing am I going to blather on about today?

Music. Yes, I know. You hardly ever hear anything about music from me unless it is about OLD music that brings me back to those embarrassing 80's...
BTW, tangent here, what is with the 80's styles coming back? Skinny jeans? Leggings under skirts? GAH! Wasn't the first time proof that those styles should die a painful and horrible death? It's like looking at my high school yearbook. I am officially OLD.
Anyway, back to music talk. Where was I? Ah, my usual music talk vs today. Not that interesting.

But today, TODAY! I have some newish music you MUST listen to. You know, if you like the same type of music I do. Which, my tastes are fairly eclectic. No, no opera. No country. No bubble gum pop. A few songs here and there penetrate my mostly off center listening tastes. So give it all a try and you may decide you like it. Or at least some of it.

First, you must try listening to a band that has been around since 2002 and hit it big in 2005 - Arctic Monkeys. Yes, I know, you've probably already heard of them. But if you're not listening? Start. Try their album Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not. It's fun, upbeat - great to dance around the kitchen while washing dishes. Not that I do. ehm.

Other music you should be listening to? Citizen Cope. Really, download the CD, The Clarence Greenwood Recordings. It's totally worth it. A bit more mellow than the Arctic Monkeys but really nice. He has another album from 2002, Citizen Cope, but I haven't heard it... yet.

What else have I been downloading over my slacker weekend?
Eyes Closed & Final Straw by Snow Patrol (favorite songs: Hands Open, Open Your Eyes & Chocolate)
St. Elsewhere by Gnarls Barkley (favorite song: Crazy).

All of the above are quite different from each other so if you don't like one, give another a try. Also, I realize I have not given great descriptions of each. Just know, my musical prowess is nonexistent. I know nothing other than I like it or I don't. I have no talent for analyzing it.

Now, listen. Then go forth and download. It shall make you happy.

Oh, and tell me what you're listening to.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Still Not Dead

I bet you totally thought I was dead this time. You did, didn't you? Well, I'm not. So, HA!

Guess I'm feeling a bit feisty. That and it's past my bedtime and I'm tired. So instead of sleeping I'm blogging and feeling feisty and feeling a bit like a zombie with the tiredness.
  • The job? Very cool. I still feel like an idiot more than I'd like but my bosses seem happy. Things are moving along.

  • The house? This kids are cleaning it. Yes, you read that correctly. THE. KIDS. ARE. CLEANING. THE. HOUSE. I did not say well. Or all. But they are cleaning things like their rooms (Whooo! Never done before!) and the toilets & bathroom sinks (better than me not getting to them) and even dusting and swiffering the living and dining room. No, really. I'm not lying. How am I getting them to do all this? I'm not. The people caring for my children while I'm at work are. That and bribery. No electronics until chores are done. Oh, and if you're thinking I'm some mean ogre making them slave away? Realize that there are 4 of them. One day's chores? 2 kids clean 2 toilets (1 each), 2 kids clean 2 sinks (1 each). Another day? One kid collects garbages from around house. One empties them all into kitchen garbage. Two kids take them & recycling to curb. Selling my kids into child slavery? Not so much. But the results are stunning. (comparatively speaking)

  • The sports? GAH! The never ending baseball has ended. The all-day/every-day soccer has started. The summer rec and tennis lessons and golf lessons and gymnastic lessons and scout camp have started. Soon summer school starts. At least it keeps them from killing each other. Although, that to has started. Hmmmm, I thought it would hold off until August at least but really? No. It has begun.

  • My sanity? Eh. Feeling sane but realizing a few things about how my brain works and how that may not be exactly normal. I shall save this for another post. Ha! I just made myself laugh. Another post. Guess I'm feeling optimistic.
And with that I shall go to bed. (After I clean the kitchen. Note to self: add kitchen duties to children's to do list.)

Sunday, July 2, 2006

PMS, Partying & Pissing Me Off

It appears that the cranky, crying mess I was is indeed attributable to PMS. And yes, I'm feeling much better today. Or maybe it was the night of drinking and partying at some newish friends'. A great place where kids roam free, fireworks go off, and alcohol flows freely. Also a great place to eat cherries off the trees and smash unripe crab apples with a bat. Well, great if you're into that sort of thing (my children seem to be into this type of entertainment).

There was also karaoke. I've never done karaoke and neither have the children but they loved it. Also? My threshold for not embarrassing myself and family is apparently 3 jello shooters. Yes, I caved. But only after the previously mentioned 3 shooters in three minutes. Luckily they were all watching the fireworks so there shouldn't be any permanent scaring. Also, there is no proof I even did it. So maybe I didn't really do it after all... hmmm... you'll never know.

I must also say here that I have finally found 2 friends that like to have a stiff drink now and then. It has taken me SIX. YEARS. of living here to find them. And one is moving to South Carolina this summer. I am very sad. The remaining two of us may need to drown our sorrows in a nice strong jello shooter in her honor when she is gone. After we get the killer recipe she used.

In other news, the banking fiasco is worse than we thought. They want to charge us for paying our bills online. CHARGE US! I'm ready to storm the castle walls and lay siege on them. Or switch banks. You know. Whatever works. Although, in researching other area banks? They all seem to have some major flaw in their plans. Let's just say I'm even angrier at - we'll call it - Schmitibank than I was before. They offered us all we wanted in a bank and then they abandoned us to M&Tickmeoff without a care in the world. Anyone have any recommendations?

Must go write a grocery list before I start throwing things.

Saturday, July 1, 2006


I think it's time I moved to a deserted island.

Why won't everyone leave me ALONE?

Also, it may have to do with the fact I have no social skills and possibly even, what seems to be, PMS.