Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Still Not Dead

I bet you totally thought I was dead this time. You did, didn't you? Well, I'm not. So, HA!

Guess I'm feeling a bit feisty. That and it's past my bedtime and I'm tired. So instead of sleeping I'm blogging and feeling feisty and feeling a bit like a zombie with the tiredness.
  • The job? Very cool. I still feel like an idiot more than I'd like but my bosses seem happy. Things are moving along.

  • The house? This kids are cleaning it. Yes, you read that correctly. THE. KIDS. ARE. CLEANING. THE. HOUSE. I did not say well. Or all. But they are cleaning things like their rooms (Whooo! Never done before!) and the toilets & bathroom sinks (better than me not getting to them) and even dusting and swiffering the living and dining room. No, really. I'm not lying. How am I getting them to do all this? I'm not. The people caring for my children while I'm at work are. That and bribery. No electronics until chores are done. Oh, and if you're thinking I'm some mean ogre making them slave away? Realize that there are 4 of them. One day's chores? 2 kids clean 2 toilets (1 each), 2 kids clean 2 sinks (1 each). Another day? One kid collects garbages from around house. One empties them all into kitchen garbage. Two kids take them & recycling to curb. Selling my kids into child slavery? Not so much. But the results are stunning. (comparatively speaking)

  • The sports? GAH! The never ending baseball has ended. The all-day/every-day soccer has started. The summer rec and tennis lessons and golf lessons and gymnastic lessons and scout camp have started. Soon summer school starts. At least it keeps them from killing each other. Although, that to has started. Hmmmm, I thought it would hold off until August at least but really? No. It has begun.

  • My sanity? Eh. Feeling sane but realizing a few things about how my brain works and how that may not be exactly normal. I shall save this for another post. Ha! I just made myself laugh. Another post. Guess I'm feeling optimistic.
And with that I shall go to bed. (After I clean the kitchen. Note to self: add kitchen duties to children's to do list.)


cursingmama said...

I'm all for child slave labor - reminds me to call Gameboy & tell him to unload the dishwasher.

Brandy said...

Is it sad that my 4 year old LIKES to help me and my 11 year old has to be threatened to within an inch of her life? (no tv, no playing, no anything in her room?)