Monday, August 21, 2006

Kid Quotes

These were just reported to me from my husband:
Scene: Van on the way to Vermont. Kids arguing.

TYLER: "Dad, I know you're trying to drown out our voices, but can you please turn the radio down?"
Scene: Top of Mt. Mansfield.

NANA: "Ahhhhhhhhh. Mountains. The greatest thing in the world."

TYLER: "I thought marriage was the greatest thing in the world."
Scene: Hiking down Mt. Elmore

ZACH: "Dad, it's a good thing we're hiking because that boys' bathroom smells Baaaaaaad."

*I must add that neither Jeff nor I really understands what this was suppose to mean. It was very random.

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GosMMY said...

and what did Nana reply to that bit about marraige??? That would be the interesting comment for sure.