Saturday, August 19, 2006


I usually try to stay away from seeing the searches that bring people to my site as it tends to disturb me. With all the posts on Google hits people are getting I thought I'd bite the bullet and see how many pervs were searching for "Speedo" and Speedo related searches. Over a year since I wrote the damn post and they are still pouring in. Amazing really.

According to my site meter's keyword stats I may as well be running a porn site. Really.

Did you know that I'm #7 on Google for Mommy got f*cked?

How about that I'm #1 - #1 baby! - for pissing childrens (do I need to say it was not an English version)?

I'm also #3 for hot moms doing it.

Still the most hits come from people looking for Speedo or other less savory Speedo related searches. -- As a side note: This post also generated my first hate mail. Made me laugh really. I even *gasp* responded in the comments because, do I need to say it? The Blogger profile was a fake. I'm sure Robert never came back though because I never heard from him again.

And one of the newest one's I've seen is mom pissing me off. Again, I'm #1 for that. And really, it's no surprise. I'm sure I piss a lot of people off.

My favorite though?

I'm #2 on for why does your nose make boogers?

I think that one really captures the spirit of the site.


cursingmama said...

so - why does your nose make boogers?

MoMMY said...

You'll have to click on the link. I believe my husband answered the question. Don't want all that dirt, etc. up in your BRAIN. hee.