Thursday, August 10, 2006

Old News

Whenever I hear something new I always feel like it isn’t really new. It’s more new-to-me and if I mention it everyone will roll their eyes and be all, “Duhhhh! That is so old news.” I think it may have to do with the fact that I spent most of the past 12 years in a kiddy cocoon.

Kiddy cocoon? Let’s put it this way…

In the first 6 years I spent raising my children things CHANGED. No, really. First they had to sleep on their side propped by little foam triangles. You had to keep changing sides so their heads wouldn’t get flat. Then they were supposed to sleep on their backs and Good God DO. NOT. EVER. PUT. THEM. ON. THEIR. STOMACHES. What? Are you trying to kill your child? Then they needed to be on their backs but have tummy time. And then I threw away every last parenting book and magazine and figured if I hadn’t killed the first three, I wouldn’t kill the last one. And that my friends is just putting them down to sleep.

Forget all about the dangers of walkers, the fact that if you used an exersaucer they would never walk, and I’m sure the discussion went on but at this point I decided to stop listening to all the hype and duct tape the children in the exersaucer so they would never walk. End of discussion.

Now we are in the baseball, soccer, gymnastics, swimming lessons, cub scouts, Sunday school, doctor appointments, dentist appointments, orthodontic appointments, and most recently summer school, summer recreation, and tennis lessons.

Hello? I have my hand on the pulse of my calendar. Not anything else in the world. But I’ve started feeling like I’m breaking from the cocoon now that the daily maintenance has diminished.

So what am I trying to say?

I’ve been wanting to comment on things going on in the world but I always feel like the eye rolling will commence and you will all click away in a wave of disgust. I have also decided to start commenting on the world around me again because this is my blog and I think you are all kind enough not to send me photos of the eye rolling (although I’m sure you look pretty doing it – and my, have you lost weight?). At least with the clicking I won’t really know unless you take the time to comment about my untimeliness and really, most of you don’t comment anyway so I don’t see you commenting about this.

But now I must go and post this before it becomes old news.


cursingmama said...

but...but....but the eye roll is one of my patented moves - I do it all the damn time. That and the pouty lip (which I am sooo doing right now) are all part of my sarcastic wise ass charm.
That is charming isn't it?

I'd never really roll my eyes at you - speak your mind - live the quote "well behaved women rarely make history" I'm listening - and totally commenting.

The Queen Mama said...

Write what you want! It's your blog, babe! Have a little fun...