Wednesday, August 9, 2006


To get that horrible, bad vibe post off the top of the page and without enough time to devote to a real post, I've decided to give you a couple of bullets.

  • I am in the process of switching banks. The evil M&T should be gone from my life in the next 2 or so weeks. 
  • I have been knitting. A lot. I will post some pictures later for your viewing pleasure. Or maybe just for my own damn self so I can remember that I actually MADE stuff. BTW, booties are f'in HARD. And I said booties - hee! 
  • I've been getting B12 shots for the last 3 months. I was weaned down to once a month and I couldn't make it. I hit a wall after 3 weeks. GAH! Now I have to start back at every 2 weeks (and possibly continue with that schedule). I am TIRED. I can't believed I've been living like this for the past however many years. Damn, no wonder everything seemed like such an effort. It was! And I thought I was just lazy. (Which, I am a little but not like I thought.) Now I know how people actually DO things. 
  • August has arrived. And with it the killings begin. - I am not talking about me killing anyone. The children are starting to try to off each other. I expect the conflicts to continue to escalate over the next 4 weeks. All a.m. summer activities end this week. It does not look good. School is our only hope. 
  • How did I survive before I had to leave my family every day for work? This job is helping my sanity on so many levels. Although, I think if I worked full time it might cancel itself out. 

Speaking of jobs...

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