Tuesday, December 26, 2006


The holiday, it is over.

What a huge relief. I'd like to say I pulled it together and got everything done but HA! HAHAHAHAHAHA! No. Not so much. I've thought about doing New Years' baking this year instead of the more traditional Christmas baking but that probably won't happen either. Someone at work suggested Martin Luther King Jr. baking. That may be more realistic. Except, if it doesn't get done by New Years', it won't be getting done at all. Let's at least try to be a little realistic here.

As far as Christmas goes though it was nice. Family, food, fun. Several Christmas miracles occurred and I appreciated them all.

One was the fact that for the first time ever I had to shop on Christmas Eve. Never have I left shopping until then. But the real miracle was the stores were less busy than on your average Sunday afternoon. That and I managed to get everything I set out for. See? CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

The other was coming home to a clean house. Now I do use this term lightly as it only covers the downstairs but people! The kids and husband cleaned the downstairs and made sure there were clean dishes and utensils for Christmas dinner. MIRACLE!

There was one other miracle but I can't speak of that here. Just know it was a good one.

Can't forget, not a miracle but a surprise none the less, I forgot to drink on Christmas day. Christmas eve I had a couple of peppermint patty martinis (Rumplemintz may be too strong for this drink - just saying) and mmmmm.... tasty. I also played the traditional cards with the husband and my brother. So it was fun and a tradition we've kept.

Speaking of traditions... thank God for the kids. They were kind enough to remind me (before dinner was started) that we always have Chinese food Christmas eve. Not sure how I forgot that one. But it was so, so good and I didn't have to cook. YAY!

We also decorated the tree Christmas eve like tradition (or my laziness) dictates, even though last year we did it earlier.

Honestly? I'm glad it's over. The pressure's off, the kids have new stuff to keep them busy and I get to go back to work which is completely dead right now.

So that was my holiday. How was your's?


GosMMY said...

should I be worried about your drinking??

cursingmama said...

is it over????????

I think we're still going here....

Yep - still going!