Friday, March 14, 2008

Crappy Cell Phone Photos Friday

Couples should never wear sweaters with the same width stripe at the same time. No, really. In fact, I might say, they should never wear yellow and white striped sweaters - EVER. This couple had an almost mesmerizing effect on myself and my brother-in-law. It was just so, so wrong.

*Please excuse crappy photo. It was taken with my cell phone in the dark. Even still, I HAD to take it and I HAD to post it.

The other thing that mesmerized me was the building. This was in a good way though. I wished so much that I had my camera. It was killing me. I did take this shot of the ceiling with my cell and I'm hoping to go back and photograph more of the building. I'm not sure if it was the live music or the building that inspired me so much and got my creative attention but I was itching to create. Seems I need to go to more live shows.

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Cursing Mama said...

seems to me just getting out sans children sparks one's creative spirit.