Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Slacking Again

Look at me here at my new place and failing to post yet again. My only defense is life has been getting away from me. Very far away. Away enough that the children offered to hitchhike home and make dinner themselves if I would just, for the love of God, go grocery shopping already.

Part of the problem is all the doctor's visits. I'm so tired of the doctor's visits. Seems to me it no longer matters what the problem is. Just leave me alone already. The good news is we are close to finding it is just a skeletal/muscular issue. That is good because it means I can ignore it and when it's too painful to ignore I can just pop an Advil and all will be well. The only bad part is making my doctor happy with actually proving that is the issue. Once we do that - ALL IS WELL.

Another issue here is... wait for the cliche... Easter. Who told Easter it could come this early? Hm? I need to speak to that person right away. Not. Happy. Not only am I completely not ready. Which I'm not. But we usually have school break at Easter time. That means no (Jewish) Sunday School. That means Easter egg hunts at my house. (Do not question the Easter bunny visiting the Jews. It happens.) This year however, Sunday school, on Easter, so I must work. Because yes, although I've gotten myself a full time job, I have not divested myself of my 5 hour a week job. This may lend to the life getting away from me issue. 1 day weekends are not long enough!

The last issue which is messing with me greatly is the tiredness of it all. I am tired. I am discombobulated. I am fuzzy in the brain. I do not like it Sam I am. It's not the lack of B12. Got that shot last night and thought it would solve all my ills. Or at least the tired. Seems... no. It could be the fact that I am figuring out I despise my job. Which leads to me not wanting to go. Which leads to me not getting up on time. Which leads to chaos and tension in the mornings. Heh, tension. I lie. Leads to me yelling and screaming like a freaking banshee in the mornings. Yes, I'm fun to be around. The children love to get up in our house. Why do you ask?

Now I have to admit, the job isn't really a horrible job. The people are nice enough. The job isn't hard. I have had BAD jobs before and technically this does not qualify. But blech. Not challenging at all. Not stimulating. And it is making me lazy. I suppose it's the same reason a bored child will fail a class. Can't say I understand it but it's happening. RIGHT. NOW.

That coupled with the fact that I've recently been told my children miss me. My children need me. And realizing I feel the same way. Not working for me.

So, to close this up so I can go grocery shopping, I am tired. I don't know what to write so I haven't been writing. The end.


Cursing Mama said...

for someone who didn't have anything to write about you sure had a lot to say.

Good luck at work!
And Home

Keri said...

HEY... How come I didn't know about this place? *pouts*