Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Food Makes Me Smile

So I'm suppose to tell you what's making me smile. Why? Because Cursingmama said so and I'm nothing if not a rule follower. Wait, didn't I just do a post about not being a rule follower? Still, I have a lifetime of rule following under my belt and it doesn't just disappear because I break a few knitting patterns or recipes. Actually, I don't actually break rules I just don't follow directions. So I guess all this is to say I AM a rule follower. Gah! Way to talk in circles.

Where was I? Smile Wednesday. What's making me smile...

  • My fuzzy brain isn't as fuzzy today.

  • I have a little bit of time to blog.

  • It is raining rather than snowing which means it's warmer today.

  • I went grocery shopping last night.

  • I made homemade granola last night - YUM!

  • I managed to get into my new savings account online (it was giving me trouble). An account that is MINE. Where I can save for emergencies. YAY me.

Ok, that's enough. What's making you smile? Either link to your own post or write it right in the comments.

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Cursing Mama said...

I FINALLY posted my smiles for today!