Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It seems as if the very air is filled with hope this morning. As the morning progresses and people start their days it seems to increase. It is only 7:42 in the morning and I've been up for 2 hours. As I made my way into work this morning there was a perfect snow falling. It's like a giant snow-globe with drifting snow. No cars in snowbanks. No wind whipping the flakes into your face. Just beautiful. It's still pretty dark out and I'm the only one in the office so far but I'm still bursting with positive feelings.

I realized this morning that being filled with hope effects behavior. That may be its greatest strength. A President can't change the world him (or her) self but if they infuse the world with hope, the human race can make the change. It is a huge burden to put on one person. It is also a huge accomplishment to achieve. The giving of the gift of hope.

The thing is, it's not just this country who is filled with hope. The world is hoping right along with us. And if we're all hoping and believing how can we not change? How can the world not change?

Yesterday my eight year old told me today was a big day. He was very excited because something great was happening today. Then he asked if I knew what great thing was going to happen. Honestly, at that moment I thought he might be confused and think today was ski club. But no. He was talking about "Obama is becoming our president." He feels the hope in the air. He is excited. I can not honestly remember ever being the slightest bit interested in the President until High School. It was just a very vague thing that was discussed in class right before the election and then not spoken about for four more years. It amazes me what strong beliefs my children have. It amazes me they have such interest. It amazes me that it does not seem so momentous that we are hours away from having a black president. That in fact they can't comprehend why the grown ups keep making a big deal about it. "Why wouldn't we have a black president? What does that have to do with being president?" It actually brings tears to my eyes that they feel this way. It makes me feel like I succeeded at at least one thing in raising them. Even if I can't really take credit because it is the entire country's success. I am thankful the country has helped me in this aspect of raising my children right.

So thank you. And enjoy today. Keep the hope in your hearts and together we can make things better. We've made a great start already.

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