Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Okay, I caved. I watched Castle last night. And just as I feared, I like it. ABC may now commence canceling it. Well, I'm sure they'll wait until I'm in a few more episodes so as to truly hook me first. I have decided that the ABC execs are not really all about tv. They are actually preforming studies on torture. Get the masses addicted to quality programing and then replace it with crappy reality tv. It has nothing to do with ratings at all.

So another domino fell over the weekend. The sick child does not appear to have strep but a high fever, stuffy nose and aches. I'm guessing flu. Actually, he's back at school today so it's about time for the next domino to fall. Will it be the father? mother? One of the two other children that have not succumbed yet? Who knows. Maybe we should start a pool. I'll put 50 on the oldest. (That's 50 dustbunnies - the only thing I have 50 of)

One last thing, I have a confession to make...

I spent Saturday afternoon all tucked in on the couch watching bad tv and napping. I let the 2 younger children watch tv (10 y/o) and play on the computer (youngest) all afternoon. After a late night, making a HUGE breakfast for the kids and their friends and kitchen cleanup (me) and playing outside with friends all morning (kids) we had lunch and became the ultimate sloths. I cannot remember the last time I did such a thing. It was the perfect day though. The skies opened and it poured all afternoon - with flood warnings! I honestly think it has been many years since I have done such a thing while healthy. It reminded me of my childless days. That's how long it's been. And it was the first time in a long time we had nowhere to go and I didn't feel any guilt. (The guilt is what usually gets me up off the couch.)

So what did you do this past weekend? Do you love any shows I should be watching? And are you ready to place your bets?


cursingmama said...

Nursed sore muscles & took kids to all their crap
no time to watch tv
I raise you 50 dust bunnies (mine are mostly dog hair) and bet on you being the next victim. Sorry - but that is just the way things go.

Keri said...

I caught up with Castle last night. Also loved it. (But then, Nathan Fillion IS my celebrity boyfriend this month.) So between the two of us, it is a SURE thing that ABC will cancel this show. Because they have not failed me yet. Yes, LOST is still on, but that is a strange bizarre cult show. And there was always a known length. (but hey, that's the way it was with Life on Mars, too, no? There were only a couple of seasons of the British version. Couldn't they have at least committed to that many?)