Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Win! The pool that is.

I officially have won the pool. The oldest is home with a fever. He came down with it last night and when I left was still sleeping. The last ill one is still coughing and complaining about a sore throat but it isn't even a little red. My guess, although he doesn't seem to want to believe me, is it is sore from coughing. Ya think? He was trying to angle staying home again but that was a no go. I shoved a bag of cough drops into his hands and told him to get to school. I predict he was fine by 9am.

The children have been angling for the various giveaway items. I know, I was shocked too. Last night the oldest grabbed the Noticeable and told me he was putting it in his room. I had to stop him and explain it was going to someone else. He looked at me like I had three heads. I explained I would buy him a replacement for him if he wanted. The one in his room ran out awhile ago and I haven't replaced it. I'm guessing this means it's time. I kind of avoid their room except for a quick tuck in at bed time and moment to flip on the light in the morning and yell, "Time to get up." Okay, truthfully, it's more like a couple of shouts over a period of 20 minutes. Still, see: AVOID.

Dylan asked to spray the air freshener all over because he looooves the smell. I vetoed that. Still, I may have to check the weight of the can when it's time to send it out and possibly replace it first. Who knows what they do when I'm not around. I'm guessing this means I can't just leave the box lying around like I'm wont to do. I will have to pack it up and hide it.

Now, enough about me,
hahahaha. Sorry. It's all about me.
Seriously though, Tide is selling t-shirts to help raise cash for a project they're doing called Tide Loads of Hope. From their website:
"Tide Loads of Hope helps in the aftermath of a natural disaster by providing clean clothes and a sense of comfort to families in need. Partnering with Feeding America, we travel to disaster affected neighborhoods with the Tide Loads of Hope truck or vans, our free mobile laundry service."
You can find out more about their work here.

I'm not sure I could fit one breast into one of their shirts but I'm thinking the 2 older boys might dig them. So support disaster relief with a tee and you can be as cool as my teen & almost teen. Come on, you know you want to.

One last thing I have to mention, every time I look out the window it is doing something else. One time - snowing. Next - sun. Next - snow. Next - cloudy and gray but no snow. For reals people. It's a little freaky.

Edited to add: The coughing child was fine once it came time to ask if a friend could come over to play basketball. In the snow.

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