Monday, October 13, 2014

Hello there.

 It's been... a super long time. It's also been massive losses of past content and the ditching of my domain.

Not sure what I'm doing here but felt the need? desire? itch? to write something here. I've been denying it for weeks but have let the blank page cower me. I've let the terrible photo below mock me as the last thing I contributed to the internet.

I found while moving my archives over that my favorite posts are reading about what was going on when. Things I had forgotten remembered. The whole reason I started this thing.

So, we're going back to basics. No design to fiddle with. No domain to keep up. No brand or advertising or anything. (Not that I had any of those things.)

Just me writing.

Writing about one of the littles, the older of the littles. The little whose birthday is today. The little who is officially SIXTEEN.

He may not be so little anymore.

So now I have two children in college. IN. COLLEGE. And two children in high school.

Where are those adorable little boys? Where are they? All I have now are young men who are all taller than me. All taller than their dad. Smelly and busy and all doing their own thing.

People ask how they are and I don't know what to say. Alive. Still in school. Still doing what they do.

To be fair, Dylan started swimming. As in the swim team. I haven't seen him swim yet but he seems to really like it. Like leaves the house at 5:45 AM to go to the pool. Without prodding likes it.

Dylan also had a roll in the school musical last Spring. He's worked backstage for the last few years but decided to try his hand on stage. He amazed me. He danced. He sang. He had his own lines and was funny.

Zach is on the JV soccer team, the ski team and the baseball team. He is also involved in several clubs. I'm not sure I even know all the clubs he's involved with. I usually find out at some crucial moment when he needs a permission slip signed (Math Team) or a coat for the coat drive he helped spearhead (Community service club). Who knows what else he's involved with. He is a total overachiever. He does NOT take after his mother in this area.

And here I'll leave off for today. I must pick Zach up from soccer practice and check on Dylan and his Trig homework.

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