Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Warm weather, do not leave us. Please.

It is the type of day outside that makes you look for reasons to stay outside. Highs in the low 80's, warm winds, brightly colored leaves and just gorgeous. Also, probably the last day it will be this warm until June. Everyone is prolonging lunches and taking walks and trying to avoid their desks. I'm not sure how anyone can tell people not to do this. It is too nice and it will be too long before we enjoy this again. (This is until Mother Nature decides to prove us all wrong and does it again just to spite us and this narrative.)

So I mentioned two of the offspring are in college. I did not lie. They are both attending the same college. They both live on campus. They both have girlfriends. They both seem happy.

What else is there to say? One is a journalism major and the other Physics. Yes, I know... physics. Insane. I always wondered if he was really mine. Now I'm sure he was switched in the hospital.

Life, it sounds so calm. It sounds so delightful and accomplished. It sounds like we are winning at parenting. (Not to worry, we're not.) The problem with teenagers is their stories are their own. But just know we all have our issues. I worry about them all in different ways. I'm still hoping they all grow to be happy, productive members of society. I'm hoping we all make it out of the teenage years alive. Do not laugh, there are days I wonder.

I can say, the house is so quiet now. So much calmer. So much less laundry! So many less groceries! I'm not sure why the bills aren't going down though. Can I ask? Why are groceries so much more expensive? How did this happen without me noticing? The past year has been insane! Am I the only one this is happening to?

A story I can tell is my story. A story of a surprisingly happy marriage. A story of settling into life a bit more. A story of (hopefully) coming into my own. I will try to focus things there.

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