Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Weather report: Absolutely gorgeous! Sidenote: Fog this morning was insane.

I've reread the posts I've been writing and realized I've forgotten how to do this. Apparently practice is key and I've fallen way, way out of practice. I have decided not to give up. I shall keep writing and maybe, if we're all lucky, I'll get better at this. Or at least not make anyone want to vomit at my words.

Tonight is the last JV soccer game of the season. As fall sports come to a close in our house a sigh of relief can be heard. It hasn't snowed and no freezing rain. This may be a first. Global warming - it's real, yo.

Weather report: The rain has arrived.

It seems the doubt from the realization my writing is crap has kept me from practicing after all. I shall no longer look back. Onward!

JV soccer ended the season 13-3. Pretty great record if you ask me. And now on to the winter sport portion of the year. That would be ski team and swimming for those of you (mom) following along at home.

I managed to see both of my older children today. Tattoos are healing well. Having to bring them mail and groceries are a great excuse to see them now and then. It seems they have entered the buckle down portion of the semester. Grades were doing well and now the workload is increasing. I hope they can keep it up.

So tattoos... yes. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you will see we had a family tattoo day on Saturday. EIGHT of us got tattooed. Those getting inked for the first time included my husband, oldest child, second child, and my MIL. Those getting 3rd or 4th tattoos were myself, SIL#1, SIL#2, and Alex's girlfriend. It was a long day. We had people along for moral support though. Tyler's girlfriend was present as was our youngest. Also, "adopted" child Brenden showed and even brought the new girlfriend around for introductions.

The first time tattoo(ees?) were surprised it hurt so much. I'm thinking that is my fault though. I am known to have a VERY low tolerance for pain. I mean I am quite the wuss. I accept this. It is what it is. However, I now have 4 tattoos. And yes, I always say, they HURT. But I'm thinking the people in my life didn't realize how MUCH it hurts. It was eye opening for some. And, I'd like to think I upped my street cred just a bit. Maybe that should be house cred. since they mostly live in my house at least part time and no one on the street knows.

I love October. It is usually sunny and not too cold and just beautiful where we live. But as the days get shorter, my bedtime gets earlier and I have a harder time waking up in the morning. I'm tired. I was thinking something was wrong until I remembered I think that every year. I just have to get past this adjustment period where the extended darkness tells my internal clock it's time to sleep. I may be counting the hours between when I can nest in my bed and read/sleep. Maybe.

Time is up! Time to publish. From now on it is writing and publishing. No thinking allowed.

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