Friday, August 13, 2004

The Dreaded Deed

I did the dreaded deed. The once a year nightmare. The worst planned day of the year.

I took all four boys shopping for new sneakers. I didn't plan to do it - yet. It just sort of happened. I didn't even have backup. Usually I plan for another adult to accompany me. Mostly to prevent my killing them all.

It was as bad as ever. Dylan took forever to decide. He also produced many tears and a few tantrums. At least this year we only had to go to two stores instead of the FIVE of last year. Yes, my (then) four year old had to go to five stores before he could pick a pair of sneakers.

They ran through the stores. Played. Talked at top volume - no inside voices today. Ignored me. Ran away from me... it was all enough to make me want to drink when I got home. I'm not talking coffee here.

Then, to top it off, Jeff came home late. Past bedtime. The kids were still up. I didn't care. In his defense, he asked if it was okay if he worked late. I did say yes. I fed them a healthy dinner (well, it would have been had they eaten more than one lima bean), made sure they got in their pj's, and made sure at least a couple of them had brushed their teeth. Then I had a beer. Okay, it was a Mike's Hard Lime and I had it while making dinner. Oh, there was a beer too, during dinner. ~note to self: buy more Mike's Hard Lime~

The good news... I do not have to take them shopping again until next year! Whoohoo! I only need them for jeans and sneakers. The rest I buy without them. I know their tastes and sizes so I do that shopping alone. It is win-win. They hate shopping and I hate taking them.

More good news... Summer rec went on a field trip to the planetarium today. For $4.00 a kid and a bag lunch they are gone from 9am to 3pm. HUGE WHOOHOO! here. It's almost like school is back in. The director told me I could go along. Seeing my expression of horror she quickly told me it was okay if I didn't, she understood. I probably was looking forward to the time alone. Just a bit of an understatement there. I am realizing Zach needs to get used to entertaining himself again. Conversation just completed:

"Let's find something fun for you to play with," says the happy, pj clad Mom. (yes, I took the kids to rec in my pj's) 
"For you and me to play?" 
"No, for you to play." 
"I wanted to play a two player game because," he looks around the room, "you are the only one here." 
"hmmm," guilt is starting to reign. "Maybe in a couple minutes. Come here and give me a hug." 
"Not right now. I'm busy," says the strangely quiet four year old. 
Ack! We interrupt this program...

Okay, he didn't come over because he was trying not to - how to put this - I'll just say it, poop. He is now sitting on the potty. ~insert sigh of relief~

Guess I should go. Read a story and then play a game. Maybe after lunch I'll do some actual work.


Anonymous said...

This is better than a sitcom.

Bloody Jack Cash

Anonymous said...

Have you tried the Mike's Hard Cranberry? DH likes the Lime the best. I'll take lemon, lime, or even light (it's good, but DH doesn't like it). We buy Mike's by the case here, and I only have 2 monsters! You're a better woman than I, Heidi.