Tuesday, September 7, 2004


34 hours from now my children will be at school!!! About 18 of those hours will be spent sleeping. I couldn't be more excited. Wait! Yes I could - and I am.

What, you ask, could make me more excited than school starting?

Let me tell you...

NOTE: if you are not a children's writer you will probably not understand this so bear with me - or skip below to tell me what the hell a laundry list has to do with laundry.

The editor I have been conversing with has asked for the 1st three chapters of my young MG (remember MG=midgrade or targeted to 9-12 year olds)!!

Yes, this could all end badly. Yes, she could send threatening letters saying I must never send another manuscript or she will unleash legal action. ~note: I'm joking here.~

BUT, this may be the beginning of something good. The best case - she asks to see the rest. The worst case - she's not interested.

I know. There are many other places for this all to fall apart if she asks to see the rest. Stop shouting. I know! But I can never get to the good parts without getting to the first step (where I'm at! Wait... maybe I'm past the first and on to the second. Maybe the third in this case. Thinking now... there may be a billion steps in this journey. hmmm... well, they all start with the first one. Right? I said RIGHT? Answer me. Boost up that ego of mine!)

So time to cross, or recross, those body parts. Pray if you do that type of thing. I will ask you refrain from any sacrifices. (that means no humans, animals, or even plants may be hurt in order for this to happen - except for the occasional ignoring of my children)

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