Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I did it. I managed to drag myself from bed before Alex climbed the steps of the bus.

Yesterday I accomplished a rare and wonderful feat. I napped. While Zach was being babysat by Tom & Jerry I had a deep sleep nap that lasted 1 1/2 hours. Granted the first hour was puncuated with requests. I responded with monosyllablic (all I could manage at the time) reasons why he needed to leave me alone and let Mommy sleep while trying not to scar him.

Then I woke suddenly. Wide awake. To silence.

ME: (still laying on the couch) "Zach?"
ZACH: no response - noise coming from bathroom
ME: (flashes of chaos and destruction from my extensive experience with unsupervised preschoolers) "Snookerdoodle? What are your doing?"
ZACH: "I'm in here."
ME: (must not panic) "What ya doin'?" (creeping toward bathroom with beginning stages of hyperventilation)
ZACH: (coming out of bathroom) "I was reading If You Give A Mouse A Muffin."
ME: (holding breath & peeking in bathroom) "Okay. Anything else?" (book on chair... nothing else out of place - pictures of past destruction in kitchen, living room, every other room of house running through my mind)
ZACH: "No. I only read the parts I remember. I skipped the rest. Is that okay?"
ME: "That's fine Sweety." (continue searching house for signs of total destruction... found -none. It's a freaking miracle!)

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