Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Goal Update

Since it is the beginning of a new month and I have not been giving any thought to my 2005 goals, I thought it was time to re-examine them. Horror is sure to follow:
  1. Get a job at my employer of choice. (I'll let you know where and why if I ever get a job there) Not yet. Not even an interview. 
  2. Sign a book contract/re-evaluate writing career. HA! 
  3. Begin a baby book for my FOUR-year-old. HA, HA! 
  4. Organize my photos so I can update the kids' albums. Hurting myself with the laughter. 
  5. Possibly even update said albums. Not even funny anymore. 
  6. Stay on top of disaster we call our home. Little bit. 
  7. Do more with my children. Nope. 
  8. Not yell so much. I got ONE! 
  9. Take more photographs. I was doing okay. Not so good this week. 
  10. Lose weight. How about gained 3 pounds. 
  11. Exercise more. (that means any little bit will count.) Haven't in 3 weeks. 
I was right. The horror. Now I just feel worse. Where are those cookies? What? No cookies in the house? Maybe it's time to start baking again.

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