Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Still Snowing

Yes, it is STILL. SNOWING.

I did snowblow the driveway yesterday. Now instead of a foot of snow there is only 4 or so inches. But, it's still accumulating.

The plow KNOCKED OVER THE GARBAGE CAN & RECYCLING BIN this morning. My poor hubby had to clean it all up as it was ACROSS THE BOTTOM OF THE DRIVEWAY and he couldn't get out for work. Sorry for all the shouting but GARBAGE. EVERYWHERE. at 7 a.m. is not a pleasant thing. (Thanks for cleaning it up Jeff!)

Not much more to report. I haven't been taking any photos as there is nothing but SNOW anywhere and I'm tired of photos of snow. A bit of green would be a nice change. It is only March though and that means a potential of snow for THREE MORE MONTHS. Not consistent mind you but still, it has been known to snow on Mother's Day here.

Hopefully I will have a more thought provoking or at least entertaining post later today. Right now it seems it's all about the snow. and more snow. and yet more snow.

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