Saturday, May 28, 2005

Art Sale (or lack there of)

So you want to know how it went?

Not so good. But! I met a great woman in the booth next to me. She was selling her weaving and is now focusing on watercolors. Beautiful watercolors. You should totally check out her work. Now. Go here.

As for the rest of the sale?

Let's just say, I sold nothing.

I was sandwiched between the weaver and an 80 year old woman who quilts and paints rocks, garden stakes, etc. (I hope to be that productive and spry at 80! Although just thinking about it makes me want to take a nap.) Both sides were engaged in conversation about their wares. Both sides sold items. I was given the occasional nod or hello. Did I mention those were only occasional? I think three people commented on my photos. THREE. PEOPLE.

The winds came. The big, dark, scary clouds blew in. Cold. V. cold wind. Couple of rain droplets. Soon, I was out of there. I will say I stuck it out longer than about 1/2 of the other booths. But the cold finally did me in. That and no one was coming to shop. Or look.

NOTE to self: It may not be wise to wield a hammer (even a small one) while wanting people to look at your work.

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