Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Hello, Remember Me?

I'm here. Bet you thought I'd taken off. Escaped. Ran away to a place with no children...

But no! I didn't. I've been busy. Yes, really. And every time I think of something to blog about, I forget. Did I mention I've been busy? No time to blog? No time to try to remember what to blog about.

But now, now I'm still busy (YAY!). But now, now I've too many forgotten ideas - ideas hanging on the edge of my conscious - to not blog. Time to try to get it all out. Or at least a mention of what has been racing - yes racing - through my mind. (Please do not be concerned about a part of me racing. I know it doesn't seem like me but occasionally my mind will race with thoughts. If I tell you my BODY is racing - then you may call my physician and initiate an intervention.)

The weather: It is cold and damp and Spring seems to have abandoned us. WHY? I miss the warmth and sun and Springiness. The tulips are up but won't open. It has been TWO. WEEKS. of this weather. IT. MUST. STOP.
The work: I have been working on photo business stuff. Pricing and costs and research of permits and sales tax info, etc, etc. I'm loving it. I love all the organization.
I also set up a pricing page and a photo index of most of my digital photos. I still have the photoblog but now if you are looking for a photo to fit your decor or a certain type of flower, it is a bit easier. You can browse through the index (25 thumbnails per page) and when you see something that might work you can click on it to link to the page and see it full size/uncropped.
Of course I haven't really worked on my website (other than the blogs) in over a year. So I forgot everything I learned then. It was like starting from scratch. The plus? I could copy and paste from other places on the site then tweak. Anyway, take a look and let me know what you think.
The family:
Conversation with my hubby:
HIM: "He's just obstinate."
ME: "Sometimes. Like his father."
HIM: "Not all of it comes from me. Some of it's from you, you know."
ME: "No, I think not. Not the obstinate thing."
HIM: * sounding very obstinate* "Yes."
ME: "You're doing it right now."
HIM: *laughing... HARD*
ME: "Stop laughing at me."
HIM: *laughing at me more* "I'm not laughing at you."
ME: "You're not laughing with me. I'm not laughing."
HIM: "Yes, but you're funny."
ME: "Yes, but you are a pain in the ass."
HIM: "Yes, but you're funny."
ME: "I'm so blogging this."
The epiphany:
Receiving validation on your [thoughts/feelings/beliefs/actions] from someone [not related to you/has experience in the area/is a professional in the area] does a lot for your confidence and self worth. It also frees the spirit.

Another epiphany:
I do not rule my children with an iron fist. It seems to be made of aluminum foil. Sad but true. The do not respond AT. ALL. anymore. Instead they dent and ding it every time I try to engage them in anything they do not wish to do. (getting up/going to bed, picking up their dishes, eating/not eating, etc.) EVERYTHING. Soon I'm expecting them to refuse to breathe. I'm in deep trouble.

I know there was more but that's all I've got right now. I hope to be around more now. I think that was the longest I've ever gone without blogging - and I'm not liking it.

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