Friday, May 6, 2005

Looking at the Weekend

The weekend begins...

And with it comes a meeting at school, baseball, temple, penny carnival, more baseball, gymnastics, mitzvah day at sunday school, and of course, Mothers' Day.

Have I planned or prepared for Mothers' Day? No. Do I have cards for the mothers? No. Gifts? No. Don't I have another week or so to think about this? No.

Also, I have to plan my annual Girls' Weekend. This year it's at my house. I need activities people! There aren't even any good festivals here that weekend. What to do?

And, I want to finish the vestibule by then. (NO, it is STILL. NOT. DONE. Leave me alone.) The door needs more stripping. The floor needs more sanding. Then comes the staining, poly-ing, molding. Aaaahhhhhh! Only 4 weeks to go.

Speaking of weeks to go...
I just realized I only have 2 weeks until I go to my children's writing conference in New Hampshire. Think I can lose 15 pounds by then? No? I just want to fit in my nicer/cooler clothes. Right now NOTHING fits. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! (sorry about all the screaming)

Must go clean up the house. Long busy weekend ahead and the kids will be arriving soon.

But first - YAY! for friends. Zach has been playing nicely for almost THREE HOURS with his friend from preschool. I made some lunch and they have been on their own the rest of the time. (In fact, they have been talking nonstop for the last hour outside. I don't know what they're saying but I can hear the chatter through the screen door.)

Wait! There are three of them. They've multiplied.

Oh, it's just the neighbor. For all I care there could be 20 of them. As long as they play that nicely and keep themselves busy.

Have a nice weekend all!

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