Monday, July 25, 2005

The Good and The So-Terrible-I-May-Expire

The Good:
The vestibule is finished. Took 11 months but it is done and it is glorious.

The So-Terrible-I-May-Expire:
Our computer died on Saturday. Dead. Nothing. No internet. No photos. No financial records. No business records. There is hope to retrieve the data but I'm not sure when that will happen or even positive it can happen.

I had several anxiety attacks yesterday and the day before. Stabbing stomach pains, etc. Right now I'm on my mother's computer. Just typing this out is causing the anxiety to bloom in my chest.

So, expect me to be very quiet. Unless I can steal a few minutes here and there at my mother's. Maybe I'll try the library. We'll have to see how desperate I become.

Edited to add: I just found out my server has been down since Saturday night also. hmmm... very odd and disconcerting. Someone is trying to kill me.

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