Friday, December 2, 2005

My Body the Rebel

Thanks to those who advised me. I must admit, I haven't called the doctor yet.

Because! I feel better. Really. Much better than yesterday. And although my kidneys tried to escape out my back last night they still felt better.

And this morning? I got up, picked my kidneys off the bed and shoved them back in. (Duct tape has so many uses) And now? They are feeling fine. Fine, I tell you!

In a bit of slightly alarming news, I went to the bathroom while out shopping yesterday and there was blood. BLOOD! Once I shoved my heart back into my chest I realized, Gee, it's about that time isn't it. It's been a while since my girliness has been hanging around. So, false alarm.

And today, much better. Maybe it was the pressure of a full uterus. Maybe my body just felt like rebelling. Maybe it's waiting until the weekend to kill me. Right now I'm going to see how it goes.

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