Friday, April 14, 2006

Have A Good Friday

A second child is down with fever.

The first is just beginning the road to recovery. (He has decided to try to watch all the Star Wars movies in order today. They are on episode 3.)

The 3 of us missed the family Passover Seder at my MIL's.

I did get the eggs boiled for coloring tomorrow. I also got caught up on laundry and baked some muffins. (No, not from scratch - who do you think I am, Martha Freakin' Stewart?)

No word on the job front.

Disconnect is a bit better today. Although, it does seem to get worse as the day goes on. Thank you for all your good thoughts and suggestions. I think I really need to start exercising again.


Tami said...

Ben has had a low grade temp since Friday. He's still fairly active, so I can't figure it out.

We never did get the eggs colored, what with the houseful and all. I'm such a pitiful Mom!

But we did manage to remember the chocolate . . .

Beth Fish said...

Hope you all get healthy soon. I didn't say it because it always sounds so trite to me, but 30 minutes on the f'ing eliptical machine does wonders for my mental health.