Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm Still Here...

Really. I am. I've just been... well, not blogging.

The children are better. The disconnect is better. I have been getting exercise. And now I am dead. Or just in a lot of pain. Either way, the exercise is trying to kill me. And yes, I am taking it slow. Just goes to show you how out of shape I am.

I have eaten approximately 3 pounds of chocolate since Easter. Oh Easter. It was fun. The big bunny hid 74 eggs - inside and out. The children found them all although it did take most of the day before the last 3 were found. The big bunny also forgot to bring jelly beans. I know! What kind of bunny forgets the beans? Bad bunny. No one mentioned it though. I think all the chocolate caused such a spike in serotonin and energy no one had a chance to notice. Besides, the devil of a bunny brought the children Hops (like Peeps only bunnies) so they were happy. I personally find those sugary-marshmallowy things repulsive so I certainly didn't buy them. But the bunny is out to please and apparently chocolate and marshmallow is good enough for the children.

The weather here has been beautiful. That has made it a very lovely vacation. Although, it hasn't been very vacationy. The children were sick for the first 1/2. Now they are playing. Just playing. Video games, rollerblading, basketball type stuff. Yesterday was exciting... we ran errands, one boy had a birthday party to attend, we visited their Grandpa in rehab (for his knee) and some played a new video game while another had baseball practice. Whoohooo! MoMMY sure knows how to make a vacation unforgettable.

This morning in my guilt-ridden state I asked the kids what they'd like to do before this vacation is over. Go somewhere, play something, have friends over, anything out of the ordinary. I got back... nothing. Well, one of the children suggested driving to the airport and flying to Florida so we could go to an amusement park but I had to admit that was a bit out of reach.

Speaking of Florida... I miss my baby! Two weeks is definitely too long. The first week was okay. Once I got past the first 2 days I was good. Then about 6 days in I started the heavy missing of him. Usually he would be back the next day so it would be okay but he is not going to be back for SIX. MORE. DAYS. Ugh! I can't do this. I'm all for the kids going away for a night. Or a weekend. Or okay, a week. But 2 weeks is way too long. My baby... *sniff, sniff*

There he is. My baby. Zach.

And now I have forgotten what else I was going to say. Please excuse me while I call my baby AGAIN. And then I shall go cry quietly in the corner while I try to stretch out my I-hate-you-for-doing-this-to-me muscles and pop more Advil.


Ginny said...

I agree--2 weeks is definitely waaaay too long. Hang in there!

Tami said...

Chocolate . . . chocolate . . . chocolate. I've been eating a ton too.

Don't feel too bad about the jellybeans, I forgot to have the kids color eggs! I'm such a terrible mother . . . sigh.

Rachel said...

Chocolate sounds WONDERFUL! I HATE when Easter falls during Passover - I miss out on all the good candy!!

cursingmama said...

I am suddenly in the mood for a quart of Funky Monkey. (and 2 weeks is too long - you are right)