Saturday, April 8, 2006


I've been putting off updating and I'm not sure why. My brain doesn't seem to want to write anything lately. Expect a dull and lifeless entry and you won't be disappointed.

Jobs: I've had 2 interviews. (1 was moved from next week to yesterday) They both went well. I'll let you know more later. I feel hesitant to mention too much at this stage in the game. Just know that by the end of next week I will have a job. I'm just not sure which one.

Kids: I'm packing Zach (5) up to spend 2 weeks in Florida with my parents and my Grandmother. The other kids have all gone and now it's his turn although they have all gone for 1-1.5 weeks. Not sure how I'll handle him being gone for 2.

Spring Cleaning: Before my interview yesterday my mom and I started the littles' room. We took out the dressers and put in shelves and drawers and reorganized. I was surprised I only got 3/4's of a bag of clothes to give away and one full bag of garbage (plus one of the dressers is going to the curb). The room looks so much better though and when they get back from Florida we'll do the heavy cleaning. So? Three and a half rooms/areas done. Eight and a half to go. Ugh! I just killed all the accomplishment I was feeling when I tallied up the rooms left to go.

Entertainment: Just watched 40-year-old Virgin last night. Hysterical! The husband didn't even fall asleep. I cried more than once laughing so hard.

That is all. Must start endless weekend activities.

Update: I KNEW I should have kept my mouth shut. I just, just now, got a call as I was publishing this. The job I was offered yesterday is no longer mine. He found someone who could start on Monday. Ugh. I may not have a job come next week.

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