Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Busy Day

I send my baby and my mother off on a plane today. *sniff, sniff* Then I have my last interview of the bunch. Got a couple of calls yesterday but they aren't looking promising for one reason or another. I'm really hoping this is the one.

In other news, my husband is dropping my FIL off at the hospital as I type. He's going in for knee surgery. He'll be chasing the boys up the first baseline before they know it. (his words)

In a bit of coincidence, my interview is at the same hospital. It's also the same hospital I had all 4 of the boys. The same hospital my mom works at and a handful of friends. The same hospital I took Tyler to when he broke his finger in September. I'm hoping this is all a good omen. I'd prefer not to have bad feelings about the place. And as far as hospitals go? I like it there. I'm comfortable. Just like I was comfortable at the local hospital where I grew up. Well, my mom worked there. We use to visit. I was born there, spent time there as a small child when I had pneumonia (my only bad experience there - they put me in a huge metal crib like a cage. A CRIB. I was about 5. I was indignent. And I had to pee and the nurse never came. Then she was mad when I peed everywhere. Really, what did she expect? It totally made me cry. I was so embarrassed!) and had my appendix out there. I also worked there in high school. So hospitals? Really don't bother me at all. I find it rather familiar. Comfortable.

And right there you can tell that I haven't spent much time mourning at the hospital. I haven't spent much time on the floors where there are actual sick people. I'm more of a emergency room, maternity floor, lab, radiology type person. Luckily the job I'm hoping for is in the lab.

So, please send good thoughts. Good thoughts for my FIL. Good thoughts that the plane my mom and Zach are on stays in the air. And good thoughts about this job. Please. I know it's a lot of good thoughts to ask for but you know, we have a busy day in the MoMMY household and we all really need them.

Thank you dear internet friends. Godspeed. (BTW, WTF does Godspeed mean?) Maybe I should just write that I will be sending you all good thoughts too. Well, as soon as the plane lands, my FIL is out of surgery and the interview is over. Then I'll totally be sending you good thoughts. Leave in the comments any specific things you want me thinking for you. I'll totally be on that!


TxSkatemom said...

good luck to you! I'm sure you'll wow them at the interview.

Tami said...

Good vibes . . . good vibes . . . good vibes . . .

(are you getting them yet?)

Carmi said...

They'd be stupid to not hire you on the spot. Don't they know how deeply skilled and devoted you are?

You and your entire family will be in my thoughts and prayers. I admire your courage for letting go. I admire your courage in sharing it as you have.

MoMMY said...

Thanks everybody. I got the good vibes and wishes. Hoping the goodness lasts through a job offer. I keep feeling like the other shoe is about to drop. But that's just me. You all are the best!

Now what can I send good thoughts for in your lives?