Friday, June 30, 2006

Is Today Over Yet?

So it isn't my best day. Or my worst. But it is definitely on the low end of the scale.

What? You say you are having a worse day? Huh? Huh?

Well, maybe you are. So, if that is the case, I hope this day ends soon for both of us.

Why has today been so crappy? Well, let me tell you. You don't care? Then go. Somewhere. Else. I must vent.

So I got up late. And would someone please tell me if a bad day has ever started when you got up on time. Where was I? Late, yes. I then proceeded to spill coffee down my front while driving to work. Genius, I know. But then, THEN, I remembered that Tide pen thing I bought forever ago and have never used. And it just so happen to be in the purse I was carrying. What good fortune. Except when you spill coffee on a light blue shirt and then put whatever chemicals are in that pen on it, you look like you were trying to enter a wet t-shirt contest by the time you get to work. So yes, I was driving down the expressway drawing all over my shirt with a bright orange pen that was making my shirt see-through. Ah, good times.

For the rest of the morning I hid in my office trying to cover myself every time someone came into my office. The stuff did dry but let me tell you something - the pen? DID. NOT. WORK. I'm not quite sure that spreading the stain around is a success. Apparently the pen just uses the liquid in it to spread the stain into an ever widening area. Pretty.

Then I realized I published a page on our intranet earlier this week that should not have been published and the existing pages are GONE and they only publish on Tuesday and Thursday nights and Tuesday is a holiday so I'm betting it won't be fixed then and besides that I have nothing to replace the horror with. Oh, and I'm still not sure how the damn system works there. MY GOD I AM AN IDIOT. And now they will all find out and fire me. See? Not a good day.

Also, the banking fiasco is still going on and I came home to yet another child with a fever and we are suppose to have errand day today and buy things like groceries so we can do things like eat but we need to use cash and I hate cash with a fiery passion and if we do not buy my 7 year old cleats today it will be the end of the world and I CAN NOT FOCUS ON ANYTHING.

Maybe I'm dying. Dying of a shitty day.

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