Thursday, June 29, 2006

Not Dead

So yes, I'm still alive. I know you're all thinking that I must have something terribly witty or charming to say to herald my return but the truth is... no. You can go now. My feelings won't be hurt (much). I'm back to bore you with bullet points! Because bullet points are our friends. No, you say? Well, they are my friends. I like them. In fact, my many lists use bullet points. My notes at work use bullet points. My life is a series of bullet points right now. So, that explains the format of this post. And again, if you are looking for witty or charming or insightful? There are some lovely reads in the sidebar.

Stupid things that are messing with my life:
  • Leaving the windows open in my mom's car. And then having it pour BUCKETS. (Please excuse the towels and wetness of my behind.)

  • Rain! And Lightning! And Thunder! (and the men deciding the children should play baseball anyway)

  • Baseball games and 2 soccer practices a night - 4 nights a week. (We have once again run out of adults in our house.)

  • Meetings that I do not need to attend but have to anyway.

  • The fact my bank has sold all it's local branches. What does this mean? It means I have no bank this weekend. I have no money this weekend. I have no DEBIT CARD this weekend (or today because things may not clear in time). I have no checks. I have no new account number. I have to re-set-up (it may not look like a word but I'm saying it is one. Back off.) all my bills to be paid. I have to contact all the companies that take their payments out of the account automatically. I have A LOT of damn paperwork and phone calls and computer time ahead of me. This does not make me happy.

  • The fact that because I am working now I feel I must spend time with my children instead of blogging.

  • The bathrooms are actually dirtier than before I went to work. I did not think it was possible.

  • The fact it is light until 9:30 and the children are NOT SLEEPING.

  • The dog's incessant barking. GAH! Enough already.
Things that make me smile:
  • The boys playing soccer.

  • Alex catching a hit and getting the ball to first base in time to get the batter out.

  • My job.

  • I finally got Dreamweaver at work and am working on our department's intranet pages.

  • The blue sky behind varying shades of lush green.

  • A neighbor saying they "made their money for the day" when the boys show up with a dollar in quarters and dimes and pennies to buy a bag of cherries from the trees in their front yard.

  • Seeing the kids eating the cherries. (which they would never eat had I brought them home from the grocery store)

  • (more with the cherries) Seeing the kids pulling "just one" cherry off the tree and pop it in their mouth every time we walk to the library and back.
I'm hoping to be back a little more often in the coming days, weeks, etc. Wish me luck.


GosMMY said...

SO SO SO happy to see you back!! Life is always hectic in the summer..Your wit is as sharp as ever.

cursingmama said...

I had a feeling life was doing it's best to swallow you whole. I love the bullet points - straight, to the point, - nothing unnecessary like the meetings you're attending.

MoMMY said...

Cursing Mama, you have hit the nail on the head. And life is hitting me. Although I still haven't figured out why. It seems like I should have it more together at this point.