Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In The My News

Regarding the angst and crying: I'm thinking it may be PMS.

Regarding work: I have decided to go forward and power through the busy work, do as much as I'm allowed to do to get this place ready for going paperless and hope they will finally listen to me and take the paperless plunge. And check the job listings here every day.

Regarding the children: I am making more of an effort to keep on top of the school papers and schedules. Also, trying to focus more on them and stop what I'm doing when they talk to me. Mornings still suck.

Regarding the body: Ignoring it.

Regarding the husband: No idea. He's out of town but will be back tonight. Suppose I'll just keep going on and see what happens.

Regarding my house: It is taking a beating. All the extra effort with the kids has reduced the already limited time I have to clean with it. It is scaring me. I may make an effort to clean a bathroom before bed tonight. Or I may collapse into bed with a glass of wine. Anyone want to make a bet on what I'll end up doing?

1 comment:

Cursing Mama said...

re: the list

I think you need to dole out some chores to the kids & the husband so you can drink wine & supervise without feeling guilty about having a dirty house ;)

Hope the wine goes well tonight.