Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Swirling Thoughts

Work? What work? Was I suppose to be working?Ah, I thought I was suppose to be mucking around on my web server. Foolish me.

I've been trying to come up with something to blog about but have realized there is just too much swirling about my head to form coherent thoughts. I decided that I would try letting a little of the crazy out and maybe make room to string 2 thoughts together. Wishful thinking, I know.
  • We have a tree. It is not decorated. There are no lights on it. The good part is we sort of have a tradition of not decorating it until Christmas eve. Yes, this was born of laziness one year and the children have opted to live by "tradition". That and the Chinese food we eat on Christmas eve. I say go for it. Don't need to stress about decorating the tree in a timely manor and don't need to cook. Win-win.

  • Holiday cards are printed. Envelopes are ready. Still needed are stamps and folding. Lots and lots of folding to be done. Also, I am NOT FUNNY. This makes me sad.

  • Still trying to redirect the old site to the new. Not going well.

  • Have realized I am also not funny enough to twitter. I LOVE twitter. I just am bad at it. Again, sad I am not funny. Funny = FAIL.

  • Spent the majority of yesterday redesigning a logo type thing for work. A logo type thing everyone claimed to love when I first designed it about a month ago. Realized on my way to work yesterday that it was AWFUL. So, so bad. HATE with fiery hot passion bad. Did about four new versions and hated them all. Office chose favorite and now I must use it because the printing is due by the end of the week. Design = FAIL.

  • Wow, didn't realize I had such a high fail rate this week. Instead of making myself feel better this is kind of depressing me.

  • Last band concert of the season is tonight.

  • Have not yet found time to make cookies for holidays. Also just realized I haven't put together a shopping list for ingredients for said cookies.

  • Weight is skyrocketing.

  • Wow. More failure. I think I should go before I depress myself.
Happy holiday making to you!

PS - All images have disappeared from this site. WTF?


Cursing Mama said...

Have decided that all mothers deserve all expenses paid vacation from whoever crammed all this required stuff into 3.5 short weeks.
Maybe Pres. Obama will take pity on us mom's & change our Thanksgiving to coincide with Canada's!

Anonymous said...

heidi - it looks like your images all load from www.heidimdavis.com and that server is currently throwing 500 errors.

MoMMY said...

Yes, thanks. I know what happened. I just can't fix it for up to 72 hours. I'm just a walking disaster today.